Oct 31, 2012

Redação sobre bullying

Uma vez publiquei uma redação de uma aluna e vi que serviu para muitas pessoas. Estou repetindo a dose! Desta vez, o assunto é bullying. A autora é minha aluna do avançado, Luísa Pedrosa de Medeiros, que gentilmente me permitiu postar sua produção.
Luísa demonstrou domínio do assunto e do idioma. Vocês irão notar a riqueza de vocabulário e a fluidez do texto.
Espero que gostem!

          Byllying is a very serious problem and that´s why parents and schools should pay close attention to it. Although there are many different ways to solve the issue, it is not an easy job to do it. The most important thing to do is to supervise the children and make them aware of the problem.
              First of all, people should understand what bullying really is. Bullying is a verbal or physical agression that occurs repeatedly with a single person. In general, children suffer bullying for being different in some way. Once the problem is understood, teachers and parents must identify when it is happening.
             When children are being bullied, they tend to show some signs that can help parents realize that their kids are victims of it. They tend to become an apprehensive person, to show signs of low self-esteem and fear of going to school.
            If these signs are identified, parents and teachers must not turn a blind eye to the situation. Instead of that, they should understand that the child is in need of help. In order to give this help, they should talk to the kid and promote debates in school about the subject.
            Even though it is a tough challenge, helping children not become victims of bullying is what is going to assure to them a happy life and a nice future.

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